Aqua Products

Bivvy Cleaning:

For cleaning technical fabrics, such as those used in Bivvys, we recommend the use of Trakker Revive.

Wash your Bivvy whilst erect using warm water and a sponge. Never Scrub. 

Most of the time simply hosing down the Bivvy and removing mud and debris with a sponge will be enough to prevent a build-up.

DO NOT USE DETERGENTS OF ANY TYPE. These will strip away the protective coating of the fabric.

However, bank-side conditions can get muddy so we recommend that zips get special attention, keep the teeth free of mud as this can hamper the performance. This usually suggests that the zip struggles to slide freely, more often than not, resulting in a forced zipped that ultimately fails. NEVER FORCE A ZIP, since this can cause permanent damage to the teeth.

Again, take the time to dry your bivvy before packing away.

Can I reproof my Bivvy? And how?

Over time the coating on the outside of the fabric will wear, a good indicator is when the material goes darker and it appears to hold water. At this stage the material will no longer form droplets on the fabric and slide off the Bivvy with ease.

When you notice this we recommend that you use a Trakker Reproofing Kit in order to return the fabric to its original qualities.

This product will also ensure that the breathability of the Aquatexx® is not effected in any way.

Simply apply this to the Bivvy/Brolly with a brush or an atomiser spray, ensuring that it is completely dry before packing away.