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Our most advanced bivvy material - EVER


The ‘EV’ in Aquatexx EV® stands for ‘evolution’.  Since the launch of the original Aquatexx® fabric, used exclusively on Aqua and Trakker bivvies and accessories, we have been working on improving and evolving this industry leading material.

Keeping you protected in the harshest of weather conditions is our priority, and with a hydrostatic head rating of 25,000mm, Aquatexx EV® does exactly that. No other bivvy material on the market is tested to this level of waterproofing.


  • Technically engineered, multi-layer composite material

  • Our most waterproof fabric – EVER – with 25,000 HH rating

  • Unparalleled breathability, increasing comfort levels allowing you to fish for longer

  • Uncompromising wind resistance, keeping you warmer and safer

  • More environmentally friendly - Bluesign® approved for sustainably produced materials

  • Performance assured TEFLON® fabric protector


Below are answers to some of the frequently asked questions we receive about Aquatexx EV®.

What does Hydrostatic Head mean?

You may have heard the term ‘Hydrostatic Head’ or ‘HH’ when searching for your next bivvy, but what does it actually mean?

When measuring how waterproof a fabric is, a method called Hydrostatic Head (HH) is used.  Using mm as the measurement, it indicates the height of a water column needed for water to pass through the fabric.

It provides a guaranteed level of water required before penetrating the fabric.  The higher the mm rating, the more waterproof a material is, allowing it to be exposed to more water before starting to soak through.

Aquatexx EV® has been tested under laboratory conditions to a minimum of 25,000mm HH, meaning a column of water 25,000mm high is needed before water will come through the material.  This is currently the highest rating for bivvy material available on the market today, with most other comparable bivvies achieving around 15-20,000 HH.

So, when looking for your next bivvy, check out the HH rating to make sure it has the right level of waterproofing for your needs.

What level of UV protection does Aquatexx EV® provide?

Aquatexx EV® material provides you with UV protection to UPF50.

Does Aquatexx EV® fabric let in light?

No, Aquatexx EV® fabric provides total black out giving you the best possible rest conditions,

Is Aquatexx EV® 100% waterproof?

Yes, Aquatexx EV® fabric is 100% waterproof due to a combination of Teflon® fabric treatment and a specialist technical coating. This causes water to bead and run off, keeping the outer fabric drier for longer.

I've noticed that in longer rain showers or consistent rain that the beading effect is not so obvious. Is my bivvy still waterproof?

Yes, Aquatexx EV® fabric is 100% waterproof, even in consistent rain. During longer periods of rain, the water will slowly start to wet the fabric surface, however, no water will penetrate through the fabric. Once fully dried, the outer water repellency and beading effect will return.

I've noticed dimples on the inside of the bivvy after heavy rain or when the inside gets wet. Is this normal?

Yes, this is totally normal. The coating applied to the inner of the base fabric is designed to minimise condensation. Small dimples may form on the inside of the shelter as the inner coating absorbs moisture and repels it through the outer fabric. This will be more apparent during periods of heavy rain or humid conditions when condensation build up would normally be at a high level. This is a temporary physical effect and will disappear when dried out.

How do I minimise condensation inside my Aquatexx EV® bivvy?

Please see our Care and Maintenance section for more information on how to manage condensation inside your bivvy.

I've bought an accessory, such as a skull cap, to use with my older Aquatexx® bivvy, but the colours are different. Is this a fault?

No, due to the improvements in the Aquatexx EV® fabric, there is a slight colour change between the older and newer versions of Aquatexx® material.

Will my Aquatexx EV® bivvy or accessory change colour over time?

Our bivvies are designed to be used for long periods where they will be exposed to all elements - rain, wind and the sun and under normal usage conditions, Aquatexx EV® will give you long and trouble free service.

Aquatexx EV® is manufactured using dyes with the best possible resistance to UV light to minimise the impact of sunlight on the colour of the fabric. However, after prolonged exposure to strong sunlight, some fading of the fabric colour will be inevitable, therefore, we strongly recommend that the bivvy is sited in a position which is as shaded as possible.

How do I clean and maintain the performance of my Aquatexx EV® bivvy and accessories?

To optimise the long term effectiveness of our Aquatexx EV® bivvies and accessories, we recommend that our Revive Shelter Complete Care Kit is used at regular intervals, to both clean and re-proof the outer fabric of the bivvy.

How often should I re-proof my Aquatexx EV® bivvy and accessories?

We recommend that you thoroughly clean and re-proof your bivvy at least twice a year although this will depend upon the number of times you use them. We suggest that whenever you start to see a noticeable drop in the level of 'beading-up' of rain on your bivvy, then you should consider re-proofing.