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Our most advanced bivvy material - EVER


The ‘EV’ in Aquatexx EV® stands for ‘evolution’.  Since the launch of the original Aquatexx® fabric, used exclusively on Aqua and Trakker bivvies and accessories, we have been working on improving and evolving this industry leading material.

Keeping you protected in the harshest of weather conditions is our priority, and with a hydrostatic head rating of 25,000mm, Aquatexx EV® does exactly that. No other bivvy material on the market is tested to this level of waterproofing.


  • Technically engineered, multi-layer composite material

  • Our most waterproof fabric – EVER – with 25,000 HH rating

  • Unparalleled breathability, increasing comfort levels allowing you to fish for longer

  • Uncompromising wind resistance, keeping you warmer and safer

  • More environmentally friendly - Bluesign® approved for sustainably produced materials

  • Performance assured TEFLON® fabric protector


You may have heard the term ‘Hydrostatic Head’ or ‘HH’ when searching for your next bivvy, but what does it actually mean?

When measuring how waterproof a fabric is, a method called Hydrostatic Head (HH) is used.  Using mm as the measurement, it indicates the height of a water column needed for water to pass through the fabric.

It provides a guaranteed level of water required before penetrating the fabric.  The higher the mm rating, the more waterproof a material is, allowing it to be exposed to more water before starting to soak through.

Aquatexx EV® has been tested under laboratory conditions to a minimum of 25,000mm HH, meaning a column of water 25,000mm high is needed before water will come through the material.  This is currently the highest rating for bivvy material available on the market today, with most other comparable bivvies achieving around 15-20,000 HH.

So, when looking for your next bivvy, check out the HH rating to make sure it has the right level of waterproofing for your needs.