Aqua Products

Team Aqua - Al White

Quick Fire Info

D.O.B - April 1977

UK PB - 52lb 2oz Mirror / 46lb 05oz Common

EU PB - 51lb 10oz Mirror

Location - Staines

Favourite Style of Carp Fishing - Al prefers the larger, quieter venues and would take a nice carp over a big carp any day of the week.

About Al

Al has been carp fishing since the age of 11 and spent his formative years in the mostly carp-less South Wales and South West before spreading his wings to some pits in the Cotswold Water Park. In 2009 Al relocated to the hallowed angling turf of the Colne Valley and has since been pitting his wits against some of the larger and wilder venues the valley has to offer. That is where you will still find him, probably a long way from the car park, sheltered under his Pioneer Ultralight. Al has recently started angling overseas for the first time and, much like his UK fishing, has been concentrating on some larger and quieter venues, already adding public water carp to over 50lb to his album.

A long time Aqua Products user and huge brand advocate since buying his first RS Quiver and Rod Sleeves (which are still in use today) over twenty years ago.

Best piece of angling advice:

Your eyes and ears are the best fishing tools you have. Use them.