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Team Aqua - Jack Stutely

Quick Fire Info

D.O.B - 16/10/91

UK PB - 49lb 10oz

Location - Essex

Favourite Style of Carp Fishing - They can be small, big, elusive or out every month - I don’t care as long as they look mega!! I personally prefer a slightly trickier venue even in the winter, although I do like to creep off for a couple of bites in the winter at a slightly easier lake.

About Jack

I'm Jack and I've been fishing for around 10 years now, predominantly fishing for carp. Personally, you can’t beat the excitement of hunting of big or elusive carp and experiencing all the lovely things nature throws at you along the way. I'm also very keen on photography -my motto is "take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints!!"

Best piece of angling advice:

My best bit of advice is never stop watching the water. The most subtle of shows can change a trip.