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Team Aqua - Matty Pennington

Quick Fire Info

D.O.B - 07/04/1991

UK PB - 31lb Common

EU PB - 52lb 8oz Common

Location - Preston

Favourite Style of Carp Fishing - I love catching carp of all sizes, but I do prefer to push myself with a more challenging water. I love reaping the rewards of larger fish knowing I have put my angling skills to the test to obtain it.

About Matty

My name is Matty Pennington and I have been carp fishing for around 18 years. Like many, I started my angling journey float fishing with my dad at the young age of 5. The older I became the more ambitious I became in my angling and I made the decision to switch to carp fishing to target the bigger fish. Today, nearly all of my carp fishing is alongside my partner in crime, brother-in-law and fellow Aqua team member Jack Bradshaw. Most of my angling is on my local syndicate but I do love a good social trip to both UK and EU waters where possible.

Best piece of angling advice:

Probably the best bit of advice I could give to anyone who is either just starting out carp angling or a competent carp angler is to listen to advice from other anglers, but don’t be afraid to step away from the crowd and do your own thing. Sometimes a step in a new direction is a step in the right direction. Some of my best captures over the years have been when I have branched out from the “norm” and found my own way. Be confident in yourself and you will reap the rewards.